Sustainable Brands To Support This Holiday Season Here At Jones and Co

The season of giving is upon us and it means something different to all of us. Some of us love gifts in the form of experiences such as a trip to your favorite place or free skydiving tickets while others prefer more tangible presents. If you’re one of those people who love the idea of wrapping and giving your loved ones palpable gifts, I have listed some sustainable brands provided at Jones and Co so that we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your sustainably sourced and ethically practiced gifts.


Closed, a brand who specializes in carefully handcrafted jeans and other cloth products that are sourced sustainably in Italy, implement ethical standards, and practice transparency with their environmental efforts. Closed has been climate-neutral since 2018 due to their efforts of cutting down their emissions each year, these statements are evidenced in their yearly sustainability reports publicly on their website. Along with their handcrafted jeans, Closed produces warm, knit beanies and wool shirts for this winter that you can find at Jones and Co.


For those who love hand knit sweaters in different styles, sizes, and colors that are made with the intention of buying less and wearing more, First Born Knits succeeds all expectations. A woman owned brand, First Born Knits celebrates and supports traditional handmade practices sourced in Peru and Argentina, where all of their sweaters are hand knit, hand crocheted, and hand embroidered to produce the most sustainable and intentioned sweaters. These practices are aimed to honor the ancestry in these South American regions who started this now modern movement. By implementing these diverse practices in this part of the world, First Born Knits hopes to re-integrate these artisanal practices and thereby offer a better economic, personal, and community development for women and marginalized groups. The Angeline Chunky Sweater in blue stripe as well as Coco Vest in off white would make beautiful gifts for your loved ones.



Socks make great stocking stuffers but Le Bon Shoppe socks will elevate your stockings by providing a variety of plush and comfortable socks in all colors. Le Bon Shoppe, translated to “The Good Shop” was created four years ago by old friends with the intention of creating those perfect everyday pieces that you can never seem to find while promoting slow fashion. Le Bon Shoppe states that they don’t have the intention of being in every store in the world but would rather be accessible to those who genuinely love their products. They don’t overstock, have high prices, or lack patience when it comes to deadlines in their factories and consider all the people who have a hand in the production as humans first. Their cloud socks, ethically made in South Korea, were their first socks to hit the market and have since perfected them. The cloud socks come in all different colors to ensure that whoever is on the receiving end of this gift will love it.



For your loved ones who love to try new hair products, SIsters Body is an all encompassing sustainable brand to support. Sisters Body was started by three sisters in 2017 when women’s rights were being politically threatened, so they created a line where they could have the opportunity give back to women. 40% of their profits are donated to women’s health and each product is packaged in 100% recycled bottles and are naturally fragrances, nontoxic, and biodegradable. Sisters Body products consist of a scent oil, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand wash. You can find each of the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a bundle with their own linen bag as a travel set or get the whole line in their family set.

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